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Mrs Monjra


Mrs Monjra, 40 Kashipur Manda Naogaon, farmer, operated this day

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Aleksandra Skwarc


Aleksandra Skwarc DJ und Music Consultant – Berlin Aleksandra aka Bonnie is the heart of the Berlin scene – a professed Kate Moss fan and fashionista. With plenty of dedication and a great instinct for the right sound at the

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Maike Dietrich


Maike Dietrich Designer – Berlin Maike Dietrich is the woman for really big knit stitches. Her colourful chunky knits are eye-catching in their voluptuousness alone and keep you warm through the cold Berlin winters like a loving hug. What’s the

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Jamie Lidell


Jamie Lidell Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Mathematician – Nashville Jamie Lidell is a magician. Those that have had the privilege of experiencing the experimental soul singer live are enchanted by his inimitable voice, his charm and his energetic creativity. Originally from

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Marcin Oz


Marcin Oz Musician, Label Owner, Sailor – Berlin When Marcin Oz isn’t touring with his band The Whitest Boy Alive you’ll find the dedicated mariner somewhere between the fjords of Norway and the straits of Gibraltar, at the helm of

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Annique Delphine


Annique Delphine Artist, Photographer, Model – Berlin Annique Delphine has a particularly good eye for the essence of things. Her complex photographs are intimate narratives, allowing us to get a new perspective on familiar things. Which of the seven senses

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Henrik Kürschner


Henrik Kürschner Creative Director, Skater & Cyclist – Berlin As a DJ Henrik Kürschner (aka Artoo) swears by the groovy side of hip hop; as a skater and obsessive cyclist the effortlessly stylish fixed-gear maverick has probably already covered the

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Bella Lieberberg


Bella Lieberberg Photographer – Berlin Bella Lieberberg has been enchanting Berlin for a while with her open smile and wonderful spirit. She started out ensuring a good atmosphere on set as a photographic assistant – nowadays she ensures the same

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Stefan Hartmann


Stefan Hartmann   Chef – Berlin   The young star-studded chef has opened a temple of good taste with his restaurant Hartmann’s in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. The fish and meat lover prefers regional produce and offers cookery classes. What is

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Jay Bo Monk


Jay Bo Monk Painter, Creative Director, Runaway – Berlin A Frenchman in Berlin and our inofficial minister of culture. Jay Bo Monk is an artist to the very core, with a soul so large that the whole world can fit.

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