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wow ! Mr. Clooney

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instagram @i_wish_u_sun


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Mr Jober Ali


Mr Ali, 45 Mr Jober Ali, 45 works as a farmer in Manda in the Naogaon District. A district where most people are farmers, due to it being the top listed district for rice production. Since he has developed cataract

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George Clooney in IWISHUSUN


WE WISH U SUN, Mr. Clooney! Love you in our jacket!

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Cheryl Dunn


Cheryl Dunn Filmmaker & Photographer – New York City Cheryl Dunn is an artist whose work is influenced by alternative urban and youth culture, documenting skaters, the homeless, musicians, graffiti artists and their processes. In 1999 she made the film

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Jamie Lidell playing in Berlin tonight


Jamie Lidell is finally back for one show in Berlin ! He has been a friend, an constant inspiration and a source of good vibes for us for years now. ELLE said about him and we couldn’t agree more: “Make

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Ms Kabejan


Ms Kabejan, 70 Ms Kabejan comes from the lhalk Mukter Naogaon region, a district in Northern Bangladesh. This District is considered the bread basket of Bangladesh. Ms Kabjan supported her family all her life. Being responsible for the houshold. Loosing

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enjoy your weekend

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Philip Gaedicke


Philip Gaedicke Entrepreneur, connecter, consultant – Berlin Philip Gaedicke aka Philly is co-founder of Berlin super boutique Soto, where the finest in menswear from Dries van Noten to Thom Browne is offered. Since Phil is not one who sits still

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Art in Sight at the MoMA


The MoMA strives to enable all visitors to find meaning and pleasure in modern and contemporary art. This includes people who are blind. They listen to specially trained lecturers give extensive visual descriptions of artwork and participate in discussions about

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