Annique Delphine

Artist, Photographer, Model – Berlin

Annique Delphine has a particularly good eye for the essence of things. Her complex photographs are intimate narratives, allowing us to get a new perspective on familiar things.

Which of the seven senses are most important for you?

I’ve always been a very visual person. I bought a camera from my first saved up pocket money. I took pictures of flowers and kittens and I spent most of my childhood in my room building photo sets out of Barbie furniture. Yeah, I was a geek, I fully embrace that now. Expressing myself through pictures just comes easier to me than with words.

As a creative person, what’s your vision for your personal work ?
I want to help people connect with their surroundings, whether it’s with nature or someone’s skin. I want to show how beautiful everything can be.

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Everything that surrounds us is so amazing, it’s impossible to choose just one thing. Last Sunday I was out in the woods with friends. We took a break by a small lake and I saw this light being reflected off a tree branch. Two weeks ago I was in the Californian desert and the sunset washed everything in pink light. Today I passed a building site and saw rainwater dripping slowly down this massive steel crane. The smallest things can be fascinating if you look close enough.

When is the last time you gave something back and how?
I went to a children’s hospital with some friends last month. They have a weekly art programme and everyone can join in and paint with these kids and their families. It’s a small thing but you can instantly feel the difference your making in people’s lives.

How could we make the world a better place?
It’s all about empathy and compassion. It’s about caring about something more than just one’s own small existence.

Who is your personal hero?
My mom. She’s the strongest person I know. And beautiful on top of it.

What’s your picture for IWISHUSUN?
It’s a picture of palms behind a wall.