Jay Bo Monk

Painter, Creative Director, Runaway – Berlin

A Frenchman in Berlin and our inofficial minister of culture. Jay Bo Monk is an artist to the very core, with a soul so large that the whole world can fit. His striking works inspire us afresh every day.

What’s the most important sense to you?
Seeing is definitely the one I use the most.

I believe that our inner eye, our internal cosmos can grasp the complexity of the universe. Our senses are the doors and windows to our surroundings and I guess vision is maybe the most colourful and multi-facetted.

As a creative person, what’s your vision for your personal work?
I try to escape reality and that only works if I can concentrate on my own reality. I have to deal with things that exist in order to create things that don’t exist.

When was the last time you gave back and what did you do?
Last week, I gave shoes to someone who didn’t have any.

Do you have a personal hero, an icon?
Everyone who also takes care of other people.

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
The first light of tomorrow.

How could we make this world a better place?
By taking a step back. Love means giving, not taking or stockpiling possessions and money.

Which picture symbolises IWISHUSUN for you?
I see arms that envelop the cold.