Jamie Lidell playing in Berlin tonight

Jamie Lidell is finally back for one show in Berlin !

He has been a friend, an constant inspiration and a source of good vibes for us for years now.
ELLE said about him and we couldn’t agree more:
“Make no mistake, : Jamie Lidell, who kicks off a world tour tonight in London, has traversed the world for quite some time. It’s just that only recently did mainstream music fans’ interests begin to coincide with the futuristic, funky soul Lidell has been drumming up since the mid ’90s. Thanks to the popularity of contemporary R&B artists like Frank Ocean and Miguel, Lidell’s funked-up, synth-aided jams, like the new Prince-style toe-tapper “Big Love” or the slippery electro-groover “You Naked,” suddenly don’t seem all that out-there.”

You should defintely check out his interview on the BBC : bbc.co.uk