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Sabrina Dehoff | IWISHUSUN

Sabrina Dehoff_iwishusun interview_detail

Sabrina Dehoff

founder of the eponymous jewelry brand, womenswear and jewelry designer – Berlin

Jewelry is so much more than mere decoration to Sabrina Dehoff and her eponymous label which she launched with her first collection „Little Helpers“ in 2006. Now based in Berlin, Sabrina gained experience in London where she studied at the famous Royal College of Arts and, working as a design assistant for Albert Elbaz and Christina Ortiz, in Paris. When moving to the German capital in 2000 she first started her own fashion consultancy company, “Vonrot”, but then, in 2006, expanded the world of jewelrey by her own label which offers her personal interpretation of playful but at the same time deeply contemporary gems. Her filigree works of art mix different materials and redefine feminine jewelry design, with classical elements combined with striking colours and beautiful details.

Her Berlin store is not only of our favourite stops when it comes to little shiny presents for our dearests or ourselves, Sabrina Dehoff also supports our cause and created a delicately designed strictly limited necklace for IWISHUSUN. In this place we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Sabrina Dehoff who has contributed 100% of her profits to the charity, enabling even more eye operations. Moreover, we are very happy to welcome her as a friend and supporter!

What is more important to you, the sense of taste or sight? Why?
Sight, because of all the beauty, colours, glimpses, shades, reflections and because I want to see my son growing up.

You are a creative person who studied Womenswear and worked in fashion design but launched your own jewelry label in 2006. What is your vision for your personal work?
I love what I am doing and I love to experiment and learn about new things, learn new skills and develop constantly. I see my work always as a work in progress.

Your jewellery designs are always playful–ever and anon colourful, eccentric and glamorous, sometimes minimalistic but featuring small golden or silver pendants, classic white Swarovski crystals and we also remember your cord bracelets and necklaces. How would you describe your own visual aesthetic?
I like contrasts and I like to find new ways of techniques and aesthetics that have a new aspect or different angle to it. But I still want my work to be approachable and real and
not an overambitious design exercise. I do not like too much good taste and perfection as for me that lacks charm, fun and a bit of risk taking.

Through your work you travel a lot. What is the most beautiful thing you ever saw?
Well, I actually do not travel a lot, but luckily beauty is not something you only see while you travel. You can see beauty in lots of things. I think if you see something really beautiful it is always a unique and wonderful experience. It is about the moment and the feeling that it evokes. The sensation of: all is good, life is beautiful.

What would you like to see more often?

Sunrise or sunset–what do you prefer?
I think both are very nice, but sunrise I find more touching. It is the start, the beginning awakening that has as real magic!

In generous support of IWISHUSUN you designed an exclusive golden necklace which is composed of a whiskey coloured Swarovski crystal and a delicate sun pendant. Does this design match your visual idea of IWISHUSUN?
Yes, I think with the combination of the little golden sun together with the whiskey coloured stone, it has a friendly sparkle and should reflect the good moods and intentions.

As a seeing person it is hard, if not impossible, to imagine the world from the perspective of a blind person, and the same applies in reverse. How would you describe our world and surroundings to a blind person?
I would try to explain what I see and why I see it that way. The world is full of different facets, colours, forms, light and darkness. Where you turn, whatever you focus on–you can see something different. The further away things are the less details you can see.
So in the end it is lots about personal perception. Like reading a book it is our imagination that makes the world for us.

What is your tactic for making the world a better place?
It is a bit of an embarrassing question which I am asking myself a lot lately. I try to be nice and kind, help when I can and support good things like IWISHUSUN, but I feel I should do more!

Who is your personal hero?
I have lots of different heroes, but in general I like lateral thinkers and people with a real passion!