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Sara Chahrrour

founder of FindingBerlin, 80days.co & yeahsara.com; blogger, photographer, Cultural Science Studies student & enthusiastic traveller – Berlin

“Earth does not need new continents, but new men.” Without doubt, Sara Chahrrour, better known as Yeah Sara is one of those whose wanderlust seems to be unquenchable. After moving from Frankfurt to Berlin, the 24-year-old blogger, photographer and student of Cultural Science Studies dedicated a one-girl project to “one of the coolest cities on the planets” which recently became a multi-layered magazine though: FindingBerlin. Via photographs, videos and texts the ever growing group of friends shares their Berlin experiences, their raves, favourite spots and forays into the lesser known parts of the town with the world. Nevertheless, Sara will probably never run the risk to get stuck in the German capital.

For her various excursions into the outside world, Sara launched her own travel blog, 80days.co in early 2013. Focusing on traveling itself, we can follow her to different places, can watch her  finding culinary happiness in Paris and Lisbon or traveling through Thailand, Amsterdam and Cologne, always in search of new adventures, cities’ graffitis and characteristics but also for dreamlike countrysides. In short: a “girl gone wide”, as Sara describes herself. But also a girl that has gone wild.

Sara has a background in Online Marketing, has been blogging “for a gazillion years for different magazines and projects and will soon run for president.” Now, she is also a supporter of IWISHUSUN. A warm welcome!

What is more important to you, the sense of taste or sight? 
I couldn’t chose. I can taste the sun on my skin, and I will never want to miss the sight of a taste before I have it. It’s just impossible to say what is more important.

You are a creative person. What is your vision for your personal work?

The vision is to never be afraid to fail – if something is not worth continuing, if an idea that was once good turns bad, leaving it behind and starting something new is not equal to giving up – it’s evolution.

“Finding Berlin” and your own blog “80days” make clear: you love to travel, you love to take pictures and to share your trips with the world. Why?
I guess I was bored with high-res magazines without a narrative. I don’t want the best spots of a city summed up in a travel guide. I want to read and encounter personal stories and history of places. Nobody was doing that, so I made it my job. Someone had to, right?

Looking back, what turned out to be the best destination and how did you travel? 
Backpacking was wild, definitely more adventurous and exciting. Backpacking South East Asia was a dream come true. But if I could ever afford to go back, I’d chose the Maldives on the highest luxury resort I can imagine. I’ve never seen pristine nature like this and I most likely never will again. It was amazingly beautiful and dreamlike. A place that combines both of my passions, comfort and adventure, is probably South Africa. Beautiful, rich in culture and nature, mesmerizing and exciting. But to be honest – the best destination is always my return trip home. I love Berlin. Nothing can take that away from me.

 “80 days” documents your trips in a very personal way but intends to reflect traveling in our modern world as well. Regarding the general approach, what conclusion do you draw so far?
People expect too much from traveling. It can’t be everything – the mindset of a traveler, on the other hand, is. Be open about new things, but never put yourself under pressure to have life changing events. Usually, you’ll come back from a journey the same person, and to expect otherwise can be very depressing.

What is your tactic for making the world a better place?
Being nice. People deserve to be treated well. I might not be the best person in the world, but I like to treat people kindly, even if they don’t return the favor.

When was the last time you gave back and what did you do?
I asked my readers to share their life stories in the comments of my blog. For every comment, I donated 1 Euro to Reporters Without Borders. I did that because I wanted to know more about my readers (who know basically everything about me), who they are and what they do and why they read my blog, but I didn’t want them to waste their time just because I was curious. I think journalism is the most important and a critical sector of our time, I want to support that.

What is the most beautiful thing you ever saw?
The city of Damascus.

What would you like to see more often?
My mother.

Sunrise or sunset – what do you prefer?

What is your picture for IWISHUSUN? 
The Earth, seen from above, with the sudden realization that everything is so small, and all the things that appear so big and problematic while on the ground become tiny, so tiny in the context of the big and vast universe. Suddenly everything is illuminated with love and light for this wonderful blue dot of our solar system.