Florian Hetz

Artist – Berlin

Florian Hetz is an artist whos body of work covers performance, illustration and painting. Besides his artistic career he is managing the bar at Berghain/ Panoramabar and is a most charming character.

Which one of our senses is the most important sense to you?

In my family runs an eye disease which makes you lose your eyesight from a certain age on. I suppose that knowing you might loose something makes it more precious to you…

As a creative person, what´s your vision for your personal work?
The beauty in the ugly. And the ugliness in beauty.

What is the most beautiful thing you ever saw?
When i was 8 or 9 i saw a dead swan, floating down a river, shot by an arrow. It was the most beautiful and the most frightening thing i´ve seen in my young life. it´s a picture that is still very alive in my head.

Do you have a vision to make this place a better one?
No, but i´m a firm believer of the power of good manners. a please and a thank you followed by a smile won´t make the world a better place, but a much nicer one.

Who is your personal hero?
Julie Andrews.

What´s your picture for I WISH U SUN?
The evening sky just after a summer thunderstorm…