Henning Heide

Photografer – Hamburg

Henning Heide is a Hamburg based photographer. With his very special vision he was the right choice to travel to Bangaldesh and take portraits for IWISHUSUN of the people who did get a cataract operation.

What is more important, hearing or seeing?

I’m a photographer; without my eyes I’d be lost. That is the most important and most beautiful sense there is.

As a creative person what is your vision for your personal work?

Seeing beautiful things, feeling beautiful things and creating something new out of them. Constantly reinventing oneself and always being on the look out for new inspiration, in order to make people happy with new images. I see photography as a kind of sponge, every day inspiration and influences drip down onto it and the sponge is reshaped all the time, soaking things up and releasing them with new output.

What is your tactic for making the world a better place?
Lots of small things every day, which also have an effect. Political consumer decisions, trash-avoidance, trying not to throw food away, eco-electricity, frugality, eating less or no meat…
Most of the time it’s small things that would do a whole lot of good when taken together. My girlfriend collected jackets for the homeless in Hamburg for the second time, without making a big deal out of it. This winter 170 jackets came together, collected by friends and advertising agencies she works with.
And in addition to my work for agencies, magazines and advertising clients, I try to do projects with which I can support partner organisations. That’s always worthwhile because I can use my particular skill to help out and the images work as multipliers, helping the projects to attract more attention.

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
A sunset between the clouds in the mountains in northern Malaysia. The photo is on my website, but it doesn’t come close to the hit I got from those 30 minutes in nature.

What is the image for IWISHUSUN?
I took my entirely personal images back with me from my trip to Bangladesh, in my head and on the memory card. The most memorable is probably seeing several hundred people all standing in a queue to register for the next cataract operation.