In A Creative Dialogue:

Robot Koch x Sabrina Theissen

We are thrilled to be able to present our first creative partner project and our first short film, the result of a cooperation between two ambassadors of our steadily growing network: “In a Creative Dialogue – Robot Koch x Sabrina Theissen for IWISHUSUN.”

Berlin-based composer and music producer Robot Koch and the photographer Sabrina Theissen got together to take a look at the topic of sight, which IWISHUSUN has dedicated its work to, from an unusual perspective. Robot Koch provided his brand new song “Jupiter”, for the project, which Sabrina Theissen used to garner inspiration, answering with her photographic tryptich, shown above.  The sky and the sun are the determining motifs, which, in a similarly minimalist way as the song by Robot Koch, are captured only indirectly by reflection, allowing the greatest possible space for the unexpected aspects of ones own interpretations in their complete reduction – a playing field for one’s own way of seeing and perspectives. This process and the thoughts of the two IWISHUSUN ambassadors are documented in intense imagery in Editude Pictures’ short film, “In a Creative Dialogue – Robot Koch x Sabrina Theissen for IWISHUSUN”.

Our thanks to Robot Koch, Sabrina Theissen as well as Frederic Leitzke and Andreas Lamøth from Editude Pictures, who captured the creative exchange in moving images.

You can read the IWISHUSUN interviews with Robot Koch, Sabrina Theissen and Editude Pictures here. Learn more about “In a Creative Dialogue – Robot Koch x Sabrina Theissen for IWISHUSUN” here.


Marie Bäumer:

Augen, Licht & Visonen

In late 2012, our ambassador and photographer Astrid Grosser created another beautiful short film about the importance of sight. Starring German actress Marie Bäumer, the film focuses on eyes, light, colours and visions.

Read Astrid Grosser’s interview with IWISHUSUN here.